This website is dedicated not only to Dylan, but to his family members and friends.

-- Tom and Sue Klebold - I dedicate this website to you, in honor of your son's memory. You did the best job that you could have done in raising Dylan: You LOVED him. It is my hope that through this website, people can learn about who your son was before he committed the most unspeakable acts. In many ways to you, he was still the little boy you watched grow up. I hope people can see the Dylan you knew, and not who he turned into at the end of his life. Sue, I appreciate your support of this website and the kindness that you have shown me through the years. Thank you.

-- Byron Klebold - Though I don't know much about you and your relationship with your younger brother, I hope that you have found some peace. I hope that you remember only the good times you had with Dylan, and I hope that you are doing well with your life.

-- To the Friends of Dylan: You know who you are. I have spoken with a few of you, and I want to extend my gratitude to you for being so kind to me. This website is dedicated to those of you who still remember Dylan as he was. Thank you.

-- To anyone who was ever kind to Dylan in his lifetime, anyone who ever reached out a hand of compassion to the Klebold family after the tragedy: BLESS YOU. You know who you are, and it does make a difference!

...And to Joseph Benjamin Stair, my dear friend. I miss you so much. You will always be remembered.