Please note that this section is UNDER CONSTRUCTION! This FAQ is for the most frequently asked questions about my website. I will be adding more as I get the chance.

Q: Did you know Dylan personally, or anyone that died in the massacre?
A: No, I did not. The only way I "know" Dylan is through a few friends of his that I have contact with [they will remain nameless to respect their privacy]. I also did not know anyone else that died that day, but I do have friends that know some of the families.

Q: How much does it cost to maintain this website?
A: It takes $120 a year [US American dollars] to maintain the cost of keeping the website up, all costs which I pay for myself. In mid-summer of 2009, there was an emergency with, and kind patrons lovingly donated most funds to keep the website up. This was a one-time donation fund, and it is my hope that the situation will never happen again.

Q:May I interview you for a report, book, or any project that I am working on?
A: Absolutely. You are welcome to email me with a short descrpition of what you are doing, along with any questions you would like to have answered. Please respect that there may be some things that I can not and will not answer out of repsect to certain people [in the event that you ask me something about Dylan's friends that is not known to the public that I may have knowledge about]. You also must give me credit, linking my website and my name.

Q:Murder is wrong! Why do you have this website praising a killer?
A: First of all, murder absolutely IS wrong, and I have had two members on either side of my family who were murdered viciously (in 1997 and 2001, respectively). I know first-hand what it's like to lose a family member to murder. But on the same hand, I also have a close family member who murdered someone - yes, through a shooting. So I know very well both sides of the fence. Second of all, my website does not praise Dylan or the tragic shootings of thirteen innocent people. It is dedicated to Dylan's family and friends who knew him before he murdered and died. I in no way praise him for what he did, unlike countless others who do.

Q: I would like to use some of the photographs of Dylan and/or the tragedy. Is this okay?
A: Yes, it's quite alright. The photographs I have on this website were taken from various public sources, including magazines, other websites, and videostills. However, there are a few photos that I would like to receive credit for. Please see the Photographs section for more information about these photos.

Q:What about written information on this website? Can I use that for my personal use?
A: I would ask that you don't, please. Dylan's biography was written by me and took work to do. Before you copy and paste ANYTHING from my website, please email me. Please be respectful of my work, and give me credit.

Q: I would like to be featured on your links section. How can I do that?
A: You are welcome to email me and let me know your link. I will be happy to link everyone to this website. I only ask that you please link me back, using either a text link or a banner from the banner section of this website.

Q:Are the quilt and letter projects still happening?
A: Yes, most definitely. They are both ongoing projects that have taken [and will take] a lot of time to complete. So far, the project has been going on since about 2003. If you want to contribute to either [or both], please email me after you have read the guidelines on the respective sections. Thanks!

Q: Was Dylan a homosexual??? I've read that in sooooo many magazines!
A: Who cares?

Q:Where is Dylan buried?
A: It has been said that he is buried in an undisclosed location to prevent the defilement of his gravesite, however it has also been said that he was cremated. Regarding a letter I received from Sue [Dylan's mother] in 2007 to my question about Dylan's gravesite - to hopefully clear up any misinformation - "Dylan doesn't have an 'official' gravesite that anyone can visit, so there's no information to share. The truth is, he's buried in our hearts. He'll be there as long as we live." You can draw your own conclusion from this.

Q: Was Dylan romantically involved with anyone at the time of his death?
A: According to people who knew him well, he wasn't. It is believed by many that he had something going on with Robyn Anderson, who was his prom date the Saturday before the murders, but they were said to be just friends and nothing more.

Q: When will the "Basement Tapes" be released?
A: Not in the near future, if ever. It has been said that Dylan's parents do not wish for the release of the tapes to the public, for fear that the footage may inspire more school shootings. However, many people believe it may show some clues that will help parents and families watch for "warning signs" in their own children.

Q: Why don't you post Dylan's autopsy report and the photos of him dead in the school's library?
A: Firstly, Dylan's parents wished against the release of his autopsy, and from the moment I had a copy of it, I vowed to never show it to anyone or to post it on this website or the community. I do it out of respect for them. Secondly, the photos that were slandered in the National Enquirer were completely shameful and disrespectful. How would you like to know that your son's post-mortem photo[s] were there for all the world to see? It is disgusting and it is yet another slap in the face of Dylan's family. Above all, it should have never happened.