Fall of 1999 - I designed the first memorial website on a few sheets of paper, which I transferred to a website that was located at Geocities.com. The website was a memorial for Dylan, Eric, and the other victims of the tragedy. It only had a handful of visitors.

Spring of 2002 - I had let the website go onto the backburner, as I got caught up in a relationship and with school. I dug up my old website when I found my old paper copies of the website's design and realized that all of the files had been erased and my website was no longer there - however, the account was still in my name, so I was able to reactivate it and rebuild it. It resparked my interest in the massacre, and I began major research and work. I renamed the website "Morticia's Dylan Klebold Memorial Website", which was later shortened to "For Dylan". I set up an AOL Instant Messenger screen name of "dbkalways", which I still use to this day. I met so many people within a month, and my website took off. This is when I met one of my best friends, Calence Ethan Emerson [of DylanKlebold.com], and for Dylan's birthday that year, he purchased the domain www.DylanKlebold.net for me.

September 11, 2002 - Grand unveiling of www.DylanKlebold.net for Dylan's birthday.

Fall of 2002 - Talked online to Brooks Brown, became friends with Mike Santos - owner of www.RachelJoyScott.net, and became friends with Nikole Forehand - friend of several students from Columbine High School and also a former student herself. I began purchasing several Columbine-related books, magazines, items, and videos.

Late 2002, Early 2003 - Obtained www.Rebdomine.org from Calence [see above]. It was his former website, and he gave it to me so that I could make a memorial website for Eric Harris. Rebdomine.org has not been worked on in years, but I plan to open it one day again in the future.

April 20, 2003 - Released thirteen white/silver and blue balloons for the thirteen victims of the massacre, and released one balloon for both Dylan and Eric. I released them at the mark on Colorado time when the massacre began. The thirteen balloons were tied together with silver/white and blue ribbons with blue daisies taped to them, with single namecards for each balloon with birth and death dates on them. They were not filled with helium, so I released them off of the bank of a peaceful river as I took photographs as they floated away and down the river. The helium-filled balloon for Dylan and Eric was released to the air by the riverside. It was a beautiful memorial service.

September 2003 - Received first letter/card from Dylan's mother, Susan, a few days after what would have been his birthday.

Late 2003 - Met Joe Stair, one of the co-founders of the "Trench Coat Mafia", and became friends with him. Also attended my first KMFDM concert, where I viewed a background screen behind the band that flashed screenshots of Eric's infamous website, complete with KMFDM lyrics, during the song "Dirty". This website, along with www.Rebdomine.org, were both "torn down" by several people whom will remain nameless. I had to switch servers, and Dylan's website was thankfully backed up on disk, but unfortunately Eric's website files were completely lost.

2004 - Work on this website slowed down as I got a hectic job working ungodly hours. I got married in June, and soon found out that I was pregnant. Later, I found out that we were having a girl, and I vowed to name her Rachel Joy, after Columbine victim Rachel Scott.

2005 - Gave birth to our daughter in February, and indeed she was named Rachel Joy. Also added a chat room, a new website community, and redesigned the entire website.

2006 - Another new website forum unveiled -- this time a permanent one.

2007 - Gave birth to our son, Sephiroth Richard-Vincent in September. Nine days later, my dear friend Joseph Benjamin Stair [familiar to most as the co-founder of the Trench Coat Mafia] took his own life.

2008 - This website became known as the foremost and only official Dylan Klebold memorial website.

2009 - It has become tradition now to call Dylan's website 'DK.net' for short, and I actually like it! A new layout was put up a few months into the year. DK.net had its' first large Chat session on April 20th of this year, with a large group of people chatting together at one time. It was a nice way to spend the morning, remembering the tragedy and the people involved, and discussing the memorials in Colorado that day. The DK.net forum has become quite the gathering place for like-minded people and researchers, topping over seventy-five people as members, although only ten to fifteen members are regular posters.

2010 - Forum member and my friend, Josef Waymire, passed away in September.

2011 - I gave birth to my third and final child, Lilith Illyana Josephine in June. She was named after Joseph Benjamin Stair, and in honor of Josef Waymire.