Just a note: These photos were obtained from various places online, from magazines and media, and also from screenshots of videos that I have made. It's hard to give credit for these photos since they are basically public domain, but I wish to thank those who made it possible to view them.

Photos #1-35 were obtained via the internet from various sources. Photos #36-46 & #63 are from screenshots I made from the Radioactive Clothing home video and others. Photos #47 & #48 are from Brooks Brown's book, No Easy Answers. Photos #49-52 were made via screenshots by myself - and were possibly the first copies made available online - taken from an Inside Edition program. A special thanks to Callum, who helped to provide photographs #53-58, and for sharing the video from which screenshot photos #59 & #60, made by myself, were taken. Photos #61 & #62 were taken from O, The Oprah Magazine - November 2009 Issue. Thank you to throughthevoid for scanning the article in which the photos were taken from.

There are many more pictures, and I will add them over time. To view full photo, click on each icon.

If you use any of the screenshot photos that were made by me, please give credit. Thanks.