Both projects are still being worked on, as of May 10th, 2011. There is no expiration date for these projects, though I hope to have them both finished within the next couple of years.


The project is to make a quilt for Dylan's family, in his memory. By using my own material and material donations from people around the world, I have poured all of my energy and time into making a large quilt for his family. I started this project in 2003, and I hope to finish it one day. A lot of people have been quite helpful in donating material, and I really appreciate that. I hope that the quilt will be finished before my husband and I take our first trip to Littleton.

To help with this project, please email me, or read the following requirements:

*Material does not have to be new.
*Can be from an old t-shirt or anything.
*Must be at least 7x7 inches.

On the material that I receive from anyone, I will write their name and the date it was donated onto the material. If you like, it can be totally anonymous, but PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE THIS!

As I have said, the main purpose is to do this for Dylan's family, but it also forms a bond between tons of people who all care about keeping Dylan's memory alive and people who care for his family. It will help show support for the Klebold family, as they have not been shown much support over the past few years.

I hope to get positive responses to this, and if you would like to donate material, please let me know by emailing me. No material will be turned down!

Thanks so much. I take projects like this very close to my heart, and any help would touch my soul and would be appreciated.


For the past couple of years, I have been collecting numerous emails, letters, and cards sent from people around the world - including Rachel Scott's father - to send to Dylan's family to show support for them. When I feel I have gathered enough letters, they will be sent to Dylan's family. If you are interested in taking part in this project, please email me for more information.