I am a stay-at-home wife to my wonderful husband Chris, and I am a stay-at-home mother to my beautiful children: my ten-year-old daughter, Rachel Joy; my eight-year-old son, Sephiroth Richard-Vincent; and my four-year-old daughter, Lilith Illyana Josephine (named for my dear friend Joseph Benjamin Stair - who lost his life to suicide in 2007; and in honor of Josef Waymire - a friend and previous forum member who passed in 2010). We hold dear the memory of our baby we lost through miscarriage in October 2006, Kurt Layne. I have three godchildren, three pet turtles, and two cats.

I am thirty-one years old, and have been married for eleven years. I have had training in Suicide and Violence Prevention. I play many musical instruments, including the piano and the guitar. I can sing quite well, and won many awards in choir competitions during my school years. I also am an accomplished poet, with many of my writings published. In November 2009, I finished my first novel, Angel Ashes, which will be published as soon as I can edit and rewrite a few things. I'm also an avid video game player, mostly playing RPGs. My favorite is Final Fantasy. I have started writing fanfiction for the Final Fantasy VII series as well.

A lot of people now know me as "Tish" from my website. Since about the 9th grade, i've been using the pen name "Morticia Raven" in order to remain at least halfway anonymous on all of my work on the internet. I'm a very personal person, and I don't like for too many people to know my real name or very much about me. If you are one of those people whom I share a closeness with, consider yourself lucky. Sometimes it takes a lot to get me talking and I find it hard to trust a lot of people.

I'm a very friendly person, and i'm very compassionate and a great listener. I hold a lot of things dear to my heart. I'm very passionate about things and the people I love. If I undergo a project, I do it to my very best. I may not always finish that certain project, but if I do, my hard work shows.

I have always been very spiritual and very dedicated to keeping alive the memories of family members and friends who have passed on before me. Although I did not know Dylan, his old friends have made me feel like I did indeed know him, and just knowing that his friends and family appreciate what i'm doing makes the work seem even more worthwhile. About the Webmaster